Animal Health Translation

animal health veterinary translation

The purpose of veterinary medicine and animal health translations is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals, as well as the health inspection of food and the prevention of zoonosis. In recent years, the exponential growth of veterinary medicine due to technical and technological developments has resulted in the need for medical literature translation by a large number of experts, especially in the agriculture-industry and livestock sector and in the field of health control.

Thanks to our dedicated network of translators specializing in different fields of veterinary medicine such as behavioral psychopathology, veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, parasitology, animal breeding, etc., Pharmalingoffers you a multilingual translation service of the best quality so that you can meet the needs of each country and thus increase your profit and strengthen your image and your brand.

  • Translation of health programs to ensure food safety
  • Translation of health policies, risk analyses and livestock documentation
  • Translations of documents on the classification and marketing of animal products
  • Translations of certificates related to livestock and agricultural food products intended for human or animal consumption
  • Translations of contracts and financial reports for local markets in the animal health sector
  • Packaging and marketing translation of products related to animal health

We can help you with animal health translations in all of these and more text types. Receive a free quote by contacting us at: merhaba[at]

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